Sunday 29 January 2012

News: WIN $250 AUD By Making A Trailer For Money Run by Jack Heath

I saw a link to this competition tweeted by author Jack Heath yesterday, and I thought it was just the kind of thing that some of you might be interested in. I reviewed the book back in July 2011 and thought it was one of the best action thrillers for the 10+ age group that I had read in ages.

Now Jack is offering up a prize of 250 Australian Dollars for the winner of his 'Make A Money Run Trailer' competition. As long as you live in Australia, UK, USA, Canada or New Zealand you are eligible to enter, and the deadline for entries is Tuesday 21st February. Jack isn't necessarily after anything long or expensive, and gives his own home-made trailer for the sequel, Hit List, as an example (see youtube video at the end of this post).

Full details cane be found here. Happy film making!


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