Monday 9 January 2012

Coming Up In 2012 #4: Hollow Pike by James Dawson

Back in 2011 I was fortunate to be invited to a special event that Orion held for bloggers in order to showcase their new YA imprint, Indigo. For me, one of the books that really stood out from their presentation was Hollow Pike, by debut author James Dawson. Firstly, I love the sound of the story, centred around witchcraft, and secondly the book cover struck me at the time as being incredible, and it is still one of my favourites these few months later. I didn't do a Top Ten Book Covers of 2011 at the end of last year, but if I do a 2012 list then this surely will be in there.

The 2nd February release date for Hollow Pike is now less than a month away, and James has very kindly written a short piece about his book for The Book Zone. Over to you James:

Hollow Pike is a YA thriller aimed at anyone who loves a darkly comic scare. It tells the tale of fifteen year old Lis London, the new girl in the village of Hollow Pike. Lis quickly befriends the local misfits, and learns of the town's sinister history of witchcraft. But then a local girl is found dead, and Lis begins to wonder if the rumours really are a thing of the past. A shadowy figure stalks the forest on the edge of town, and Lis starts to think she and her new friends might be in grave danger...

Hollow Pike both is and isn't a supernatural romance thriller! It's something a little bit new. I think it's a rollercoaster thrill ride, and a must for anyone, who, like me, loves horror movies! I especially wrote this book for anyone who has ever felt like an oddball, an outsider or a freak...boys, girls and all that's in-between!