Thursday, 6 October 2011

News: Young Sherlock Holmes Fire Storm and Scottish Libraries Mystery Trail

Last month I was really chuffed to be able to bring you a preview of the new Young Sherlock Holmes book by Andrew Lane, titled Fire Storm (if you have not yet seen it you can read the opening chapter here). The book is due out in the UK on the 7th October (tomorrow) and I am dying to read it. If you are based in Scotland then please read on as I have been passed some news by the nice people at Macmillan concerning an exciting competition they are holding:

Fire Storm is set in Edinburgh and to celebrate Macmillan Children's Books have teamed up with Scottish libraries to launch a Scottish Mystery Trail. To encourage people to visit their local library they are hiding codes in libraries across Scotland, during October, with librarians as the gatekeepers of the code. Once people have gained a code they enter them onto the Young Sherlock website to reveal whether they have won a variety of prizes including Young Sherlock books, keyrings, DVDs and - for one lucky person - an iPod touch. Libraries in Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond are creating Young Sherlock displays and activities around the competition and hopefully while people are visiting the libraries they will pick up one of the Young Sherlock books too. Codes can be entered to win prizes until the end of November.


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