Tuesday 23 August 2011

News Update: The Monstrumologist Series by Rick Yancey

Last week I wrote a short blog post regarding the news that Simon and Schuster had decided not to extend their contract with Rick Yancey for more Monstrumologist books past the soon-to-be-released third book on the series, The Isle of Blood. The internet was buzzing with angry fans protesting on Facebook, and bombarding Simon and Schuster with letters and emails demanding a rethink of this.

It would now appear that this campaign of love for The Monstrumologist books has been successful, according to a comment left by the author on his Facebook page at where he states the following:

"It gives me great pleasure to admit I underestimated the power of this bond we share with the written word. I have just received confirmation that one week after the campaign began, Simon & Schuster has reversed its decision and will publish the fourth volume of Will Henry's journals. Monstrumology lives. I didn't bring it back to life - so don't congratulate me. Toast yourselves, honorary monstrumologists, for YOU did it."
I think the worst part of the original decision as far as Mr Yancey was concerned was that it took him unawares and he had not completed Will Henry's story. At least this extension will now allow him to do so in a way that he will be happier with. In addition, not only does this show that we as readers do still possess a small amount of power, it also shows that young people can and do love books these days just as much as they have always done. As a celebration of this success, if you know a horror-loving teen who has not yet discovered this series why not buy them a copy of The Monstrumologist this October and celebrate All Hallow's Read.