Wednesday 10 August 2011

News: Book Cover - Department 19: The Rising by Will Hill (Department 19 Book 2)

(edit: 1st March 2012 - review now online here)

News so hot I just burned my fingers on it..... a few minutes ago on Facebook Will Hill announced the title and revealed the cover to the sequel to his phenomenally brilliant Department 19 (still my favourite book of the year so far). This is such a cool cover - I love the way they have used the basic image from the first book, made it totally kick-ass medieval with axes and spiked flails, and then given it a flaming background for good measure. Sadly the book isn't released until March 2012 so we will have to make do with drooling over this for the next seven months.

If you head on over to the Department 19 Facebook page at you will also be able to see a short video of Will explaining what the title refers to (if you have read Department 19 you will probably be able to guess), and that the sequel picks up straight after the events of book one.


  1. Really, the only thing to say is SQUEEEEEEE! I hope it is published simultaneously in the US and we don't have to wait!

  2. apparently you can buy it on amazon now? probably a preorder though werewolf frankestein FTW!!

  3. Looks Beast,im reading the first book now