Monday 5 December 2011

News: Book Covers - Young Bond rebranding

I am a huge fan of the Young Bond books by Charlie Higson and have all of the slipcased special editions and also the Silverfin acrylic-cased special edition that was published earlier this year in my collection (as well as the paperback versions). However, I always felt that the cover designs did not always do the stories justice (Double or Die and By Royal Command being the exceptions to this), and that they were not really designed with the books' main target audience in mind. I was therefore really excited when I spotted spotted these on Amazon some time ago but with everything going on here completely forgot to bring them to your attention.

The books are all going to be re-released in April with brand new cover designs, and I think the rebranding is much more in keeping with the 10+ target market. I really like the way that elements of each story are framed within the James Bond silhouette, and also how the designer has very cleverly incorporated symbols from the original cover designs. I have to admit that if these were released as a boxed set I would be sorely tempted to add them to my collection as well.

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