Friday 2 December 2011

Attention Grabber #6: Shadowmagic by John Lenahan

Attention Grabber is my weekly feature where I post what I think is a great opening paragraph to a book, the sort of opening that pulls young readers in and hooks them from the start.

This week's Attention Grabber opening paragraph comes from Shadowmagic by John Lenahan. This book was recommended to me by the brilliant Carol from Windsor Waterstones, and I am so glad she pointed me towards it. If you like comedy fantasy and you have not yet discovered this book then it is well worth your time. The opening paragraph gives a great taste of what is to come as this original and funny unfolds.

'How come you never told me I had an aunt?' That was the first thing I said. I know, my first question should have been, 'Are you alright, Dad?' He didn't look alright. The light was awful, but I could see blood on the side of his face. I'm amazed I didn't say 'What is that smell?' because it sure stank in there. I'm not talking about a whiffy locker room smell, but the kind of stench that can make it possible to see your breakfast a second time around. Or most obviously I guess I should have asked, 'Where are we?' or, 'Why are we chained to a wall?' But instead, the first question I asked when I regained consciousness was about genealogy.
'Well, Conor,' Dad croaked, not even looking at me, 'the first time you met her, she tried to kill you.'
She had, too.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. When I see a review like this it makes sitting down and writing Shadowmagic 3 that much easier.

    John L