Monday 11 April 2011

News: Eoin Colfer's New Series

I think I'm a little behind with this one but the past fortnight has been very busy with the end of term and my birthday celebrations, hence the lower than average number of posts on here recently. However, this news appeared in the Guardian online a couple of weeks ago and so I thought I would pop it on here in case any of you are as far behind with the news as I am.

In this article Eoin Colfer confirms something most of his fans already know - the next Artemis Fowl book, the eighth in the series, will be the final outing for his young anti-hero. I have been a fan of the Artemis Fowl books ever since I read the first one back in 2001, but if you have read my review of the most recent, The Atlantis Complex, you will already know that I found it a little disappointing, and I feel it is definitely time to bring the series to an end. Hopefully the as yet untitled Book 8 will do this in style.

If you read the Guardian article you will spot that Eoin Colfer has revealed something potentially even more exciting for his fans - news about his next project. The original press release reads as follows:

"Puffin Books today announced plans to publish a major new series by Eoin Colfer, the bestselling author of Artemis Fowl. WARP, an acronym for Witness Anonymous Relocation Program, used by the FBI to hide important witnesses in the past, is a high concept series described by the author as 'Oliver Twist meets The Matrix'.

The first book features a Victorian boy, Riley, who goes on the run in 21st century London pursued by a ruthless assassin from his own time. Riley must rely on his wits and the help of a young FBI agent if he is to survive."

What a great idea - using the past to hide key witnesses. It's just a shame that Summer 2012 is so far away!