Monday 13 December 2010

News: Book Cover - Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz (Alex Rider)

I almost feel as if I shouldn't distract your attention away from this stunning book cover with my ramblings, but then again I need to express how excited I am about this. Just a few minutes ago I received an email from Walker Books PR asking if Scorpia Rising, the ninth and sadly final book in Anthony Horowitz's phenomenally successful Alex Rider series, was on the Book Zone's radar. Hell yes it is! I have been a fan of these books ever since I first read Stormbreaker, both from a personal viewpoint in that I love the hi-octane stories, but also from a professional viewpoint in that they have got so many boys reading for enjoyment. I am not embarrassed to admit that Anthony Horowitz is a literary hero of mine.

I guess all good things eventually come to an end, and on 31st March 2011 the final bell will toll for this fantastic series, and I bet that Mr Horowitz has one hell of a story lined up for this grand finale. The scant details I have been sent read as follows:

"With its striking new cover-look, SCORPIA RISING, Alex Rider's gripping final mission, is going to be massive in every sense. The story reunites Alex's old foes in an attempt to frame the teen superspy. The action powers from Europe to North Africa and Cairo's City of the Dead. Smithers' ultimate gadget is revealed and there is the shocking death of one major character. This is adrenaline-fuelled writing with no limits."

How good does that sound?! I am sure there are thousands of fans who like me will be making regular visits to and between now and the books publication, hoping for more hints as to what will be in store for Alex Rider.

Edit: Scorpia Rising review now on The Book Zone at

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  1. I have never loved any book series as much as i have loved this one! it has been my life for the past two year! I have read the first 8 book 3 times each! I can not wait till the next book but i am also extremely sad that it is the last one! I wish the series could go on for ever! But i love all the Alex Rider books! and never want to let them stop!