Tuesday 28 December 2010

Get Any Good Books For Christmas?

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Did you get any good book presents? My family often seem reluctant to buy me books as I have so many already, however this year they came up trumps. I only got two books but they are both fantastic. 

My mother gave me Marvel Chronicle: A Year by Year History, a gloriously large hardback book in a stunning slipcase. As I have mentioned before in this blog, my knowledge of Marvel comics and the characters and storylines is woefully lacking in quantity and quality, and I have not read a Marvel comic for years as due to the magnitude of the Marvel universe I always feel like I am joining a story mid-way through. I am really exited about this book as I hope it will help develop my knowledge of this fascinating fictional universe.
The other book I got will again fill in a huge gap in my reading experience. As a child and teenager I never read a great deal of horror, and it is only in recent years that I have grown to love this exciting genre. I have started to fill in the gaps already by reading the likes of M.R. James but there is one author that I have been very keen to read for some time - H.P. Lovecraft. I recently bought Ian Culbard's brilliant graphic novelisation of Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness, and thanks to my parents-in-law I can now enjoy the original story, and may other of Lovecraft's classics in this lovely leather-bound commemorative edition.

I would love to hear about the books you may have got for Christmas if you feel inclined to share in a comment below. 


  1. I have the Marvel Chronicle too ;0) I bought it for my son last Christmas and it was such a lovely book couldn't resist buying myself a copy!

  2. I didn't get, but I gave. Archvillain (by Barry Lyga) to one cousin. And copies of PULL (yeah, it's my book) to a nephew and several of the guys at the church youth group I work with.

  3. My husband is now the only family member who will buy books for me. The rest refuse. They seem to think I already have too many. I don't think you can ever have too many. All of the books were a bit too girly to mention here except How To Write Science-Fiction and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card. I'm really hoping it will help me work out the problem with my WIP. Happy New Year!

  4. No books for me this Christmas. But I did get a Kindle and it is AMAZING! :D In love! Haha. So technically I did, as it'll open the door for thousands of books. Lots of samplers already downloaded and some free books too. ;P

    Hope you had a great Christmas mate! :)

  5. LWA - it is stunning, I have already spent a significant amount of time proing through its pages. I think the DC equivalent may be purchased very soon.

    B.A. - my two godsons and their younger brothers all received books from me this year. My godson danny tour the wrapping paper in a frenzy as he knew the latest Skulduggery Pleasant book was inside and he has be patiently waiting for it for months.

    Becky - I hope your WIP issues are resolved very soon. If you ever need another male perspective I would be more than happy to lend a hand.

    Ryan - I love my Kindle, although it is far too easy to spend lots of money with it. As wonderful as it is though it will never replace proper books for me.

  6. Bookzone, there may come a time when you regret saying that as the book I am writing is very much a boys book!