Tuesday 30 April 2013

Book Trailer: Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff

I finished reading Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff last week , and I can tell you that it is one hell of a thriller and the kind of book that just wouldn't have seen the light a few years ago. A teen boy who infiltrates his way into the lives of others in order to carry out an assassination? I still remember when there was an outcry if a teen character killed someone without facing suitable punishment for his/her crime.

Boy Nobody is out at the end of May, and my review will appear here nearer to that date, but in the meantime here is the trailer for you to enjoy:


  1. I Am the Weapon was a suspenseful thriller with some real surprises! I can't wait to read the next book. I highly recommend this one!
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  2. Allen Zadoff departs from form in this book to write a dark, suspenseful thriller starring a 16 year old contract killer. Satisfyingly packed with gadgetry and spy jargon, this book still has the heart and emotions of Zadoff's other YA novels, introducing a complex antihero who answers to a shadowy covert ops authority. This is the first in a series - looking forward to book two!

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