Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book day one and all!

I remember the very first World Book Day, way, way back in 1998. I was teaching in a school in Birmingham and had started working very closely with the school's librarian to promote a new reading scheme. Looking back, they were probably the first steps I took on a journey that eventually led to me creating The Book Zone (For Boys). Said librarian was a huge fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel, and we decided that we would celebrate the inaugural World Book Day by having a fancy dress day for students, and also by encouraging as many of the staff as possible to dress up as a character from a Discworld novel. Those staff who volunteered were each given a character (and description). 

I remember dressing up all in black as an assassin, but for the life of me I can't remember the character's name. That doesn't matter though, the important thing was that loads of staff and students took part in the name of reading, and we even featured on the local news that evening.

Since 1998 World Book Day has gone from strength to strength and is now a major day in the calendar for many schools across the country, and this year it seems like it will be bigger than ever. There are events going on all over Britain today, in schools, libraries, book shops. There is also a brand new FREE World Book Day app featuring short stories from such writing gods and goddesses as Neil Gaiman, Charlie Higson, Malorie Blackman and Anthony Horowitz. I have already downloaded it to my iphone - you can find out more by heading on over to this page on the World Book Day website. There are also a number of special World Book Day books (including a special Skulduggery Pleasant story) available from book shops today for the paltry sum of £1 (or your world book day voucher). And if you have not yet read the totally brilliant Department 19 by Will Hill then look out for the specially priced £1 copies available in Waterstones. Only 3! for the best action horror book I have ever read??!! Bargain!

I hope you all have a great World Book Day!


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