Monday 14 January 2013

Coming Up In 2013 #3: Curse of Kings by Alex Barclay

Epic fantasy is massively popular with adult readers, but apart from books a small handful of authors, there have not been many titles in this genre for young adults in recent years. It looks as if this situation might change in 2013 though as there are a number of big fantasy titles coming from d├ębut YA and children's authors. The first one I am showcasing as part of my 'Coming Up In 2013' is  written by Alex Barclay, who to date is better known as a writer of crime novels for adults. Aimed at the 9+ age group, Curse of Kings, the first instalment in Alex's The Trials of Oland Born, is due out from HarperCollins on 31st January. Curse of Kings has been described to me as Game of Thrones for younger readers so I'm sold on it already. Come back here on Wednesday for news of another epic fantasy book coming out this year. Now I hand you over to Alex:

Curse of Kings is about finding what is hidden; hope in a ruined world, bravery in a time of fear, truth in a complex of dark myths and prophecies, adventure in a world blighted by servitude.

Oland Born is a fourteen-year-old slave to The Craven Lodge, a violent band of warriors who overthrew the noble King Micah and destroyed the once-thriving Kingdom of Decresian.

One night, in a secret room in the castle, Oland uncovers a letter with his name on it… written by the long-dead king. To Oland’s horror, it reveals that if the kingdom is to be restored, it falls to him to do so.

The King assures him that “on such young shoulders, it will prove astonishing how light this burden will be”.

But the burden appears nothing other than oppressive, when, within moments, a stranger appears in the castle and tries to take him away.

It is just the beginning of The Trials of Oland Born…”


  1. Will there be a second book? Because I just finished this one.