Monday 30 April 2012

News: Book Cover for GRYMM by Keith Austin

Back in January I attended the RHCB Bloggers' Brunch, during which the RHCB team waxed lyrical about some of their 2012 releases. One of the books that I starred multiple times in the set of book blurbs they gave us is GRYMM by Keith Austin, and today I spotted the cover on Keith's blog and felt I just had to share it with you (even though it has been on there since January). The RHCB team described GRYMM as a darkly humorous horror story, in the vein of The League of Gentlemen. As a huge fan of said TV comedy show I was sold immediately, so I was looking forward to reading it even without seeing this brilliant cover, or reading the blurb. GRYMM is due to be published in July... I can't wait! Once you've let you eyes feast on this great cover you could do a lot worse than head on over to the RHCB blog and read a little more about the inspiration behind GRYMM in Keith's own words..

The small mining town of Grymm perched on the very edge of the Great Desert is the kind of town you leave - but when Dad gets a three-month contract in the mine there, Mina and Jacob, unwilling stepbrother and sister, are reluctantly arriving.

From a grotesque letting agent who seems to want to eat their baby brother, a cafe owner whose milkshakes contain actual maggots and the horribly creepy butcher, baker and candlestick-maker, Mina and Jacob soon realize that nothing in Grymm is what is appears to be.

And then things get seriously weird when their baby brother disappears - and no one seems to even notice! In Grymm, your worst nightmares really do come true . . .

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  1. I love that cleaver...not heard of this, but I definitely want to read this one! Thanks for the heads up!