Friday, 10 February 2012

Review: Temple Of The Gods by Andy McDermott (Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase Book 8)

If you want to read my review of Temple of the Gods by Andy McDermott then you will have to head on over to my brand new books-for-adults blog, The Book Zone's Big Brother. If you click here it will take you directly to the review.

Since I started The Book Zone (For Boys) back in 2009 I have reviewed a number of adult books, but at times have felt that they didn't quite fit with the main focus of this blog. I have often had to emphasise the adult nature of the story, especially if it contained excessive violence, bad language or "sexy scenes". I would hate for a parent to see a review on here for such a book and mistakenly assume that it might be appropriate for younger readers, so from now on all of my reviews of adult books will appear over at The Book Zone's Big Brother, although I will always include a short post on here with the link as I know that these books are often enjoyed by older teen boys.

And in case you missed that link, here it is again: