Friday 22 July 2011

News: Invisible Fiends: Doc Mortis Blog Tour

Be afraid book fans for soon you will not be able to visit many of your favourite book blogs without risking bumping into the evil that is Doc Mortis. Starting on Monday 1st August Barry Hutchison and the Doc will be spending a fortnight visiting a number of blogs as part of the Invisible Fiends: Doc Mortis blog tour. You can see the full schedule of the stops on the blog tour by clicking on the banner to the right of this page or going directly to

I am honoured to be hosting the first stop on the tour here at The Book Zone on 1st August, where we will be showcasing the first part of The Rise of Doc Mortis, a short story that Barry has written exclusively for the tour. I have read the whole story and it is brilliant so make sure come back on the 1st!

See you Monday 1st August..... if you dare! 

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  1. aww this book sounds awesome and I cant wait to see the posts from the tour! :D