Sunday 23 January 2011

Coming Up in 2011 #5: 20 Years Later by E.J. Newman

Today's 'Coming Up in 2011' features a book that has been on my radar for quite a long time, and even though it will not be published until July I already know a great deal about the story as Emma Newman, the author of 20 Years Later, has been podcasting through her website for more than a year. Three quarters of the way through doing this she got a publishing deal for the book, but her publisher, a fledging US company called Dystopia Press, allowed to to continue hosting the podcasts on her website here. This is what Emma sent me about 20 Years Later for this feature:

LONDON, 2012: It arrives and with that the world is changed into an unending graveyard littered with the bones, wreckage, and memories of a dead past, gone forever.

LONDON, 2032: Twenty years later, out of the ashes, a new world begins to rise, a place ruled by both loyalty and fear, and where the quest to be the first to regain lost knowledge is an ongoing battle for power. A place where laws are made and enforced by roving gangs—the Bloomsbury Boys, the Gardners, the Red Lady’s Gang—who rule the streets and will do anything to protect their own.

THE FOUR: Zane, Titus, Erin, Eve. Living in this new world, they discover that they have abilities never before seen.  And little do they know that as they search post-apocalyptic London for Titus’ kidnapped sister that they’ll uncover the secret of It, and bring about a reckoning with the forces that almost destroyed all of humanity.

The book also has a great looking cover, and Emma kindly sent over a scan of it for me to share with you:

20 Years Later is scheduled to be released as a hardback on 5th July, and having been a fan of the podcasts for some time I am really looking forward to reading the final version - it is sure to be a hit with lovers of dystopian YA fiction. You can follow Emma on Twitter as @EmApocalyptic and 20 Years Later also has its own page on Facebook.


  1. I've chatted with Emma for a few months on Twitter, and listed to the book via the podcasts like yourself.

    Really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy, when it comes out!

  2. Never heard of this one before and now I really want to read it! I will add it to my wishlist a.s.a.p.


  3. Pagecrawler - it is well worth popping over to Emma's website and listening to a few of the opening chapters. I haven't listened to the whole book as I want a few surprises left for when I read it.

  4. Well this is one of the best things to start off a week! Thanks ever so for featuring 20 Years Later, it's so heartening to see that people are looking forward to it.

    I'm all excited now! @Pagecrawler, pop over and say hello :o) @Darren - I'm also really looking forward to getting my hands on the hardback!

  5. I listened to the prologue yesterday, Bookzone thats what sealed this book as a must-have. Like you, I didn't want to go any further until I've got the whole book in my hands! I couldn't find it on though but I'll keep looking.

    Hi Emma! Loved the prologue and cannot wait to read the rest of the book

  6. @pagecrawler - I now have a very silly grin spread across my face! I think the delay with regards to an appearance might have something to do with the fact that details are still being finalised with regards to the UK branch of the distribution (I am in England, Publisher is in US...) but as soon as I have more info I'll share it :o)