Sunday 7 November 2010

Science-Fiction News: The Prometheus Project Trilogy by Douglas E. Richards

Back in July I wrote a review about a trilogy of books by American author Douglas E. Richards. His Prometheus Project books are old school science fiction, with aliens and strange worlds and the sort of books that there simply are not enough of these days. These are the sort of books that could encourage youngsters to delve further into the world of science fiction, and perhaps eventually lead them to a life long love of the genre.

At the time of writing the review these books were sadly only available in the US, although it was possible to find them in the UK if you hunted around. I know this disappointed a few readers of The Book Zone as I received a number of emails on this subject. However, I received an message from Doug recently to inform me that all three of the books are available to buy as Kindle editions from Amazon (you can see them by clicking here), and they should also soon be available as ebooks from Waterstones and WH Smith. This was news that I thought was definitely worth sharing with you all; hopefully we will see more and more excellent US-only published books heading this way in electronic format thanks to the increasingly popularity of the Kindle, ipad, etc.

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