Monday 1 March 2010

*** Graphic Novel Month

Graphic novels, comics, manga...... whatever you prefer to call them they can play an important part in encouraging reading amongst children and teenagers. Boys in particular are drawn to graphic novels, and through this often find themselves reading more complex plot lines than they would through traditional novels. Traditionally though, schools and libraries have shied away from stocking these in large quantities for fear that their content may be considered an undermining of literacy. However, more and more research is being published these days suggesting that the opposite is the case - reading skills are generally enhanced. These books should be used to foster a climate of reading for enjoyment by boys in schools and the sooner more and more staff in school and public libraries wake up to this, the sooner the literacy gap between girls and boys will start to narrow.

With this in mind I have decided to have my blog's first ever themed month - a celebration of the graphic novel. There will be giveaways, reviews and interviews with illustrators, as well as a few of Book Zone's favourite authors and fellow book-bloggers writing about their personal favourites. You will also very quickly discover that graphic novels are by no means only for children as these luminaries of the world of children's books and the blogosphere wax lyrical about their particular favourites.

Of course, there are still many other non-graphic books being released so I will still be reading and reviewing these, but the main emphasis will be on the graphic format.   

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