Friday 4 December 2009

News: Zero Moment by M.G. Harris

Zero Moment continues the story a few months after Ice Shock. Josh Garcia and Ixchel have been keeping in touch via the Internet and now she's got some pretty intriguing news to share with him.What Ixchel has learned could enable Josh to realize his most fervent dream – to travel in time and change what happened to his father.But the world has become a much more dangerous place for Josh and his friends. Maybe he should have listened to Montoyo when he warned Josh and his mother to move to the “invisible city” of Ek Naab. So when Josh leaves Oxford to travel to the World Capoeira championships in Brazil, the risk is higher than he can possibly know... (from the Joshua Files website)

No review of this yet.... just a quick post to say that there is new content on the Joshua Files website with a great sample chapter download, as well as the promo video below. 2010 is going to be a great year for boy friendly books!


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