Monday 9 November 2009

Chuffed to bits!

I am really chuffed that Jon Mayhew, author of the forthcoming Mortlock, has taken the time to add a comment to my review of I Spy. Jon's first book is due to be published by Bloomsbury on 5th April 2010 according to Amazon (just in time for my birthday) and judging by the artwork for the cover and the synopsis I have already put it on the list of books to buy for the school library next year.

I love this cover, and I have already registered my vote and left a comment at the brilliant Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books blog. I wrote:

"Mortlock definitely wins it for me. Firstly, the colour - not enough green is used to give a feeling of horror on book covers thse days - but look at some of the genuinely scary film posters from the last few decades - Alien! The Fog! Rosemary's Baby! All green! And then there's those terrifying bird images. They immediately brought to mind the genuinely creepy book The Raven's Knot by Robin Jarvis! I think the whole concept of being chased by a giant, flesh-eating bird is pretty damn scary and the image on this cover portrays that feeling perfectly."

And having just made a quick visit to one of Jon's blogs I have now seen the brilliantly creepy promotional video for Mortlock which has made me want to get my hands on this book even more. Roll on April!

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  1. I would have voted for this if my book 'The Unravellers' wasn't up against 'Mortlock' in the final! I agree - a brilliantly creepy cover.

    Tracey Morley