Saturday, 25 September 2010

News: Book Cover - TimeRiders: The Doomsday Code

Seems like I am forever doomed to be slightly behind the times when it comes to TimeRiders news as I think this design for the third book in the TimeRiders series may have been unveiled to the world almost a month ago. What the heck - it is new to me so I thought I would post it anyway. In the interview that Alex Scarrow did The Book Zone he mentioned that Robin Hood would make an appearance in The Doomsday Code and I think this cover is a cracking representation of this. If you look carefully you will also spot a code on the cover that requires cracking (if you click on the image you should be able to see a larger version). Head on over to the official TimeRiders blog to find out more about this code. Sadly TimeRiders: The Doomsday Code is not scheduled to be released in the UK until February so in the meantime we will just have to keep on guessing as to what Alex Scarrow has in store for the team next.

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